Perfection Is Overrated. Here Are The 5 Values That Guide Our Startup And Why.

While we all strive to perfect the products we create, services we provide, or our company culture, perfection is always alluding us. That pursuit is what influenced our decisions when my co-founder, Alex Scalzo, and I started Empodio. Our purpose when setting out was not to build the perfect company, but to create our business around values that represent us, our clients, and our own set of standards.


Why not aim for perfection?

Perfection is the lowest standard in the world. Because if you’re trying to be perfect, you know you can’t be. So, what you really have is a standard you can never achieve.” – Tony Robbins

We all know a perfectionist. You may even be one. If I could offer a piece of advice to the perfectionists in the world, it’d be simply this: perfection is BS.

So many people struggle with being “good enough,” when they should always feel that they are “enough.” In fact, let me repeat that in case it didn’t quite sink in. You are always “enough.” At Empodio, we acknowledge that every team member doing his or her best to be a good person and figure things out.

And that is enough.

Acknowledging that you are enough does not mean be complacent. After all, you’re either growing or dying. And to grow, you need to first accept yourself for who and what you are now – warts and all – then decide who you want to be. It’s not about overwriting what you are now, staring at a distant, lofty version of yourself born from shame, or guilt, or a misplaced sense of arrogance.

It’s about saying I was put here to do incredible, amazing things. It’s about learning from your experiences, and the experiences of those who’ve come before. With that in mind, these are the five core values that help our team grow.


We are wholehearted

Accept yourself for who you are. To be wholehearted, you’re first and foremost acknowledging that you have strengths and weaknesses, room for growth, and things to offer to the world. You are human.

To truly embrace this, you have to embrace a sense of vulnerability. Open up and trust others. Share your journey; the ups and the downs.

It’s only when you’re open that we can work together on moving forward.

We understand that it can be uncomfortable to show your unfiltered self, both in the things you appreciate and the things you are afraid of. But, it is only through knowing yourself and allowing others to understand and accept you, that you can become whole and grow with a sense of purpose.


We are mindful

“Life is a journey.” Insert your favorite ending to that statement here.

However you embrace that statement, it’s true, life is a journey. It’s a journey in which you’re continually learning about yourself, others, culture, and environments. To take in the lessons, you need to be conscious and aware of your environment in the present moment. You need to be mindful.

Learn by observing how you react to events and how others do as well. Learn to find joy in both the big and small things. We encourage our team to learn the truth in the statement that “life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.”

And it’s in being mindful you become more aware of the challenges we face in the world. But you can’t solve everything, so you must choose where to focus your energy — find your mission.


We are centered on the mission

A mission gives you direction.

Looking out for yourself will only get you so far. And it definitely won’t be setting you up to achieve true fulfillment. By working out of self interest, you only pull you so far out of your comfort zone. And eventually, your needs will be met and your fears will be calmed.

This is why we strive to be mission-based.

For us, to do incredible things we believe you have to be doing it for others, in service of a cause greater than yourself. It is through that drive that you allow yourself to break through your own boundaries and become great.


We are focused on impact

A mission with no intended impact is like throwing darts without a dartboard, but still hoping you’ll hit the bullseye.

We shape our decisions based on the highest possible impact we’d like our organization to have. By remaining impact-focused, we aim to enable the people on the front lines and mobile workers.

So many organizations are poised to make a positive impact on the world. And so many of them rely on mobile workforces. As a society, we need them, but may not always acknowledge it. But those are our customers. We respect them. We want to empower them.


We strive to be outstanding

The great women and men of history did not become who they were by aiming to just get by. They did not make it by choosing to be small and flying under the radar. They all sought to be outstanding.

Choose your mission. Figure out where you want to make an impact. Aim for the stars.

Even if you have moments where you feel you don’t quite measure up, remember that perfection doesn’t really exist. You can pick yourself up and hold true to a higher standard if you strive for continual growth. In fact, we rely on each team member’s goals to help us think bigger. In return, we hope to help them do the same.

As we build, and move through life, we are constantly looking inward and taking inspiration from those around us to learn. And while our backgrounds and experiences may differ, the goal is always the same; positive growth and impact.

What core values drive you forward?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead